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Dr. Collins, passionate about everything eyes, marries his college sweetheart, a teacher, a painter, and passionate about everything artistic. In 1997, they combine their passions into a novel idea at the time…a high-end boutique defined by the world’s most esteemed collections of hand-crafted European artisans and a state-of-the-art eye clinic together under one roof. In collaboration with architect Bill Scott of Seattle Childrens’ Theater acclaim, they accomplished just that . . . . . .And Optix was born. A gallery-like feel of artfully displayed frames where unique, chic, innovative, and timeless looks sit side by side on floating glass shelves. A sophisticated yet casual atmosphere perfect for browsing to your heart’s content or enlisting one of our experts to help you find that perfect frame, a 12-ft high mirror for catching one’s image, and subtle and unusual features abounding down to Optix’s own private label reserve Merlot, a gift to each patient referring friends and family. Both Dr. Collins and Ellen’s approachable personalities set the tone for a welcoming and fun venue.


Dr. Collins has been in practice for three decades as a board certified Optometric Physician, proudly serving the residents of Washington. He has been Involved on many civic boards, state wide health council, tri-state chairman for a cancer prevention drive, contact lens investigator, many children’s vision screenings, and doctor to the Junior Olympics to mention of a few of his contributions to the greater community. In his spare time, he indulges in his love of music, boating, and all things family.

Dr. Collins is fervently committed to his patients’ well-being. From medical care for a sick eye to preventative measures focused on keeping your eyes healthy and functioning as young as possible, Optix is always evolving with the latest technology and science. We incorporate instrumentation to achieve both:

  • ZEISS OCT (Advanced 3- D imaging for earlier detection of retinal diseases to save vision)
  • ZEISS iProfiler (advanced vision assessment, corneal topography, and detecting visual abberations)
  • Digital retinal photography ( high definition view of the retina and optic nerve)
  • OPTOS (scans the entire back of the eye to see the smallest abnormalities. NO DILATION.
  • Perimeter (computerized visual field measuring ability to see off to the sides – important for detecting & treating glaucoma
  • MPOD (identifying those at risk for macular degeneration, in particular from blue light)
  • TearLab (identifies and measures ocular surface disease levels)
  • Ultrasound corneal pachymeter (measures cornea for earlier glaucoma detection)
  • Slit lamp anterior segment camera (documents existing conditions, pathology, and therapeutic benefits; also helps facilitate dry eye treatment process)

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Zeiss Lenses


ZEISS….do you know the name?

What does Google Earth, Steven Spielberg’s movies and man’s first step on the moon have in common? They’re all moments captured through a ZEISS lens. Did you know:

  • 2 out of 3 micro-surgeons use ZEISS surgical microscopes
  • More than 80 million people a year visit planetariums using ZEISS technology
  • 30 Nobel prize winners have used ZEISS scientific microscopes in their research
  • ZEISS systems are used in making 80% of the world’s cell phone chips
  • ZEISS has won three technical Oscars for film camera lenses
  • ZEISS’s motto is “the moment your vision has no limits; This is the moment we work for?”


Did you know OPTIX uses ZEISS lenses?

We are ZEISS LENS EXPERTS with advanced digital technology. Click here to learn more

The ZEISS Individual 2 Progressive combines the most advanced customized lens technologies in the industry. Want the best opportunity for achieving your best vision possible? This is it. The ZEISS Individual 2, the ultimate in personalized vision.

ZEISS DriveSafe….technology as your co-pilot! Has rain, fog, and night driving become more challenging? Depth perception, glare, and switching between the road, dashboard, and mirrors problematic? Unique NEW ZEISS technology addresses these specific & stressful challenges of driving. NEW! Click here to learn more

ZEISS Office progressive…Improve your workday with an innovative new freeform solution more versatile and personalized than ordinary computer lenses. ZEISS broke the mold on this one! NEW!

iScription by ZEISS….The iProfiler by ZEISS utilizes wavefront technology to measure how light rays travel through the aperture of your contracted and dilated pupil generating the most detailed prescription ever. The result is more accurate vision in low-light conditions, better visual contrast and color vision. Click here to learn more

ZEISS Digital lens…”the moment” your eyes keep up with your digital lifestyle. Meeting the visual demands of mobile phones and tablets. Your solution for a digital world and digital eye strain. Click here to learn more NEW!

ZEISS Duravision anti-reflection. NEW! ZEISS developed anti-reflection in 1935 and has now reinvented the new standard in 2016 for clarity, ease of cleaning, and durability. ZEISS also offers a new blue-light filtering anti-reflective coating providing protection from the harmful blue light from LED lights, digital devices, TV screens, and computers.

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Experience… Optix’s gallery. A unique and innovative gallery featuring the world’s private and finest eyewear. Exclusive collections of original hand-made eyewear from Paris, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and LA.


Eyewear is the most obvious reflection of yourself. If you have a definite direction in mind we’ll offer you various versions of that. But if you’re feeling a little explorative and would like to search different directions we’ll offer you other options you maybe hadn’t envisioned for yourself before. We’ll give you permission to imagine yourself in an entirely new way. We cover all the adjectives from sassy, chic, bold, timeless, elegant, innovative to subtle luxury. Most of all we’ll keep it a fun experience and give you something to look forward to.

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Experience you can trust. Thoroughness you can count on. Our passion is to preserve, protect, and enhance your eyesight today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

Primary Medical & Vision EyeCare

EYE EXAMINATIONS: At Optix, your examination is unique and custom tailored to meet your visual needs. It consists of 3 parts:

  • An in-depth history to determine needs, wants, and concerns so nothing is missed
  • Refraction – By utilizing ZEISS diagnostic tools, instruments, and products we have taken the art of refraction to a higher level that is 10 times more accurate than a traditional refraction. Combined with doctor experience and expertise, this equates to truly enhanced and best vision possible.
  • Eye Health Exam – the most important part. An ocular assesment including your lids, exterior and interior eye, and the ‘sweet spot for sight’, the macula. The macula is why you are able to read, see faces, and drive. Without it you can’t live independently. We focus on preserving and protecting it at all ages.

CONTACT LENS SPECIALTY: Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT). Like lasik while you sleep! Wake up with 20/20 vision and leave your lenses at home; popular with children and athletics. New hybrid lenses for astigmatism & presbyopia. And the latest disposable lenses for ALL ages, even those of you who gave it up in your 40’s.

AGE – RELATED EYE ISSUES, commonly without any symptoms, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma.

RED, PINK, OR SORE EYES? We get you in fast and back functioning at full capacity. No more corneal inflammation and eye infections. No more tears.

DRY EYE TREATMENT with a comprehensive protocol utilizing the new gold standard TearLab testing, Sjorgrens assessment, and individualized patient treatment plans. Our patients love incorporating BLEPHEX, the new microdermabrasion and exfoliation procedure, into their routine eyelid hygiene.

Many more… let us take care of your eyes.

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