Primary Medical & Vision Eyecare

Optix is a leader in cutting edge technology.

  • ZEISS OCT (Advanced 3- D imaging for earlier detection of retinal diseases to save vision)
  • ZEISS iProfiler (advanced vision assessment, corneal topography, and detecting visual abberations)
  • ZEISS computerized phoropter (integrating the complete refraction process, all digitalized)
  • ZEISS iTerminal (the most sophisticated measurement of how your frame fits on your face, because everything matters in this digital world!)
  • OPTOS (scans the entire back of the eye to see the smallest abnormalities. NO DILATION.
  • Perimeter (computerized visual field measuring ability to see off to the sides – important for detecting & treating glaucoma
  • MPOD (identifying those at risk for macular degeneration, in particular from blue light)
  • Ultrasound corneal pachymeter (measures cornea for earlier glaucoma detection)
  • Slit lamp anterior segment camera (documents existing conditions, pathology, and therapeutic benefits; also helps facilitate dry eye treatment process)
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Vision Exams

World class vision exams & expertise…protect and enhance your precious eyesight.

Eye Examinations
At Optix, your examination is unique and custom tailored to meet your visual needs. It consists of 3 parts:

  • An in-depth history so nothing is missed…needs, wants, and concerns
  • Refraction – By utilizing ZEISS technology & doctor expertise, we have taken the art of refraction to a higher level 10 times more accurate than traditional equating to truly best vision possible.
  • Eye Health Exam – the most important part. An ocular assessment including lids, exterior and interior eye, and the ‘sweet spot for sight’, the macula. The macula is why you are able to read, see faces, and drive, without which you can’t live independently. We focus on preserving and protecting it at all ages.
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Medical Eye Exams

Medical eye exams, foreign bodies, injuries, and other emergencies, infections, allergies, chronic eye conditions, and other eye complaints…we make them a priority with prompt scheduling, diagnosis, and treatment options. Optix will bill your major medical insurance for you.

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Contact Lens Speciality

Corneal Reshaping Therapy (Ortho-K). Like lasik while you sleep! Wake up with 20/20 vision and leave your lenses at home; popular with children and athletics. New hybrid lenses for astigmatism & presbyopia. And the latest disposable lenses for ALL ages, even those of you who gave it up in your 40’s.

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Ocular Aesthetics

Lids, lashes, skin protection & aesthetics, and preventative intervention. American Cancer Society certified products.

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Age Related

Age related eye issues, commonly without any symptoms, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma.

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Red, Pink, or Sore?

Red, pink, or sore eyes? We get you in fast and back functioning at full capacity. No more corneal inflammation and eye infections. No more tears.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment with a comprehensive protocol utilizing the new gold standard TearLab testing, Sjorgrens assessment, and individualized patient treatment plans. Our patients love incorporating BLEPHEX, the new microdermabrasion and exfoliation procedure, into their routine eyelid hygiene.

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Surgical consultation and co-management services for surgeries including Lasik and cataracts.

Helping you see your best and look even better